We will always be at your side.

We offer warranties that are no joke: 30 and 40 years


Silver and Elegance line modules are guaranteed 30 years on product and 25 on efficiency, while Performance and Iride modules are guaranteed 40 years on product and 30 on efficiency.

We are talking about the highest guarantees that the market offers.

How do we fulfill this promise?

Simple! By bringing the entire production to the only plant in Cherasco, Piedmont.
This allowed us to manage the entire production process independently:

Selected raw materials
The raw materials,
we choose them

We select verified and quality raw materials, checking their origin.

the key to success

Every step of our production process is automated, with some AI-based control steps

100% control of panels
We inspect 100%
of our PV modules

Spot checking is not enough for us! Skilled workers check each panel before distribution.

Achieve such a high standard of quality and make us sleep soundly: Omnia Solar panels for many, many years.