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Want to grow your PV business?

Join the Omnia SOLAR Revolution:
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Product availability
Product availability

Choose the panel you prefer: the entire range of our PV modules is always in stock.

Spare parts always available
Need spare parts?

No waiting! You will always have the availability of all the spare parts you need, and you can count on our assistance.

Prompt delivery
Prompt delivery

Your order will be delivered within a few days. Forget about endless waiting times and just think about your business.

Customized payment methods
Customized payments

Possibility of after-sale and deferred payments. Customized economic solutions.

Direct and immediate consultation

Ask us anything you need, we will be happy to become your partner.

Omnia Solar Sell-out Support
Pre- and post-sales support

Qualified training and support for your project. Possible sell-out activities.

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We “network” to grow together

The above is just a part of what we have planned to grow together.
We are aware of the importance of assistance, training and consulting for the growth of the Italian PV business network.

Let's create an Omnia Solar network

Italian panel generation:
our mission.

In business, as in life, choices are the basis of everything. We have chosen to manufacture our panels in Italy, convinced that this is the only way we can guarantee a generation of quality PV modules and a new wind of collaborations and synergies in the PV industry.

The care and choice of materials, the attention paid at every stage of processing, the willingness and tireless passion of doing things well are the ingredients behind our all-Italian way of working.

The goal of global decarbonization affects us ALL.

The Italian photovoltaic industry cannot lag behind: it must grow according to its own dynamics, capable of meeting the needs of our society.

Let us support each other in order to have momentum, strength and vigor and face together the challenges that the future imposes on us.