Italian Panel Generation

The Italian photovoltaic revolution has begun

We chose to produce our panels in Italy

Omnia Solar’s new manufacturing plant is established in Italy

We chose to check them one by one

The quality of our panels comes from attention to detail.

We offer the ultimate in warranty

30 and 40 years, these are numbers that speak for themselves.

We created the service that wasn't there

To offer you everything you need to grow your business

Photovoltaic modules made in Italy

100% Made in Italy

Warranty of 30 and 40 years

warranty 30/40 years

Never-before-seen services

Never-before-seen services

To whom we address



Specialized distributors

Specialized distributors

Large installers

Large installers

Energy producers

Energy producers

Designers and prescribers

Designers and prescribers

Energy companies

Energy companies

Join the change


The Italian Generation of Photovoltaic Modules

High-quality panels for homes, businesses and large facilities

Omnia Solar Photovoltaic Module
Silver Line


Our most popular panel. Lots of power in small spaces.

Elegance Line


Aesthetics for high-impact image applications.

Performance Line


Double-sided panel, maximum performance.

Iride Line


Customizable panel:
colors are not a problem.

Omnia Solar Quality Control
Warranty of 30 and 40 years

30 and 40 years

We abolished the spot check:

all of our panels undergo verification testing both during production and before distribution.
This is how we can offer you the best guarantee.

A second hand recycling
and testing hub

We are building it!

We have decided to directly and independently manage the recycling of photovoltaic modules. Of course, we will not deal with our panels for at least 30 years, but we will turn the panels we have put on the market so far into a resource.
We will test panels that can still be efficient in countries with a warmer climate, and we will handle the recycling and disposal of spent panels.
A major effort that will allow us to enter the virtuous cycle of the circular economy.

Recycling hub Photovoltaic panels

Come visit us in the Langhe: you will be our guest.

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